Hello! I'm Haggai Simon.

As is incredibly common for people with ADHD, my passions and interests have fluctuated, rotated, and developed in a way that wasn't particularly linear.

My work in the area of ADHD is as an expert, advocate, and thought leader. Outside of that, I am a social entrepreneur, business strategist, and life coach.

As an entrepreneur and business strategist, I work primarily on early stage companies in the industries of arts, media, public benefit, and community development.

My first solo venture was a social networking app for creatives and my current venture is helping college students cultivate the environment, relationships, and skills they need to persevere academically and close the ADHD achievement gap.

I am also currently in the process of writing a book on the nature of ADHD. ADHD fundamentally changes and shapes the way we experience and perceive everything, so I want to fundamentally change the way we understand ADHD.


UX Design MasterTrack Certificate
University of Minnesota (UMN) 2021
Bachelor of Science
University of Minnesota (UMN) 2020

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