A new homework management app for ADHD college students.

Project Overview

This project was part of the User Testing course within the UX Design MasterTrack™ Certificate at the University of Minnesota (UMN). Our job was to design an app with a social impact. I chose this project for the following reason.

According to the American Medical Association, ADHD is “one of the best-researched disorders in medicine, and the overall data on its validity are far more compelling than for most mental disorders and even for many medical conditions.” In spite of this, many of the most common and most debilitating symptoms of ADHD remain woefully under-addressed. I see the potential for assistive technology to improve the chances of graduation as well as the overall career outlook for college students with ADHD.


For the purposes of consistency and identity affirmation, I will be using the term "ADHDer" to mean a person with ADHD. This term is meant to be inclusive of all people who experience the symptoms of ADHD to the extent of impairment including those who are not diagnosed with ADHD.

Curb Cut

While this app is being designed specifically for ADHD users, I expect to observe a "curb-cut" effect. In other words, I anticipate that this app's integrated features will improve the lives of many people without ADHD as well.

That said, while an app like this may be appreciated as a convenience by some, I believe that for many with ADHD, it is a necessary accommodation.

Competitive Analysis
Prototype & Test
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